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Bruce Rauner, Governor
Bruce Rauner, Governor

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 Commission-Level Decisions 

This page contains the decisions issued by Commissioners.  When the Commissioners affirm and adopt the Arbitrator's award, the Arbitrator's award is attached. 

Commissioners assign a new case number to each decision they issue.  The first Commission-level decision issued in 2014, for example, is 14 IWCC 1. 

Click on the link for each month (e.g., "Jan. 2014") for a list of each IWCC decision, its original WC case number, the date the Commission-level decision was issued, Petitioner, Respondent, Arbitrator, and Commission panel.

Click the next link (e.g., "Decisions 14 IWCC 1-63") for a searchable pdf of all Commission-level decisions issued that month.  Each file is large and may take some time to load.  Please be aware that the quality of the documents varies, which may impair the results.  We hope this will serve until we can develop a more sophisticated search function. 

Any decisions that were rewritten for clerical errors and reissued during the month appear in the next column, "Corrected decisions." The corrected decision replaces the original.

For information on vendors that offer online research tools, including Commission decisions, click here



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